Worship Technology

We live our lives saturated with technology. Worship tech needs to be updated to expand with our church, adapt with the times and help broadcast the Gospel. We will continue to live stream our services and seek excellence in our worship. This is who we are.

Worship Tech Phases

totaling: $53,000

We have sorted and prioritized equipment into 5 phases:

  • Phase 1: New Microphones

    Our microphones were in an illegal frequency range. We chose to honor the law by getting new microphones that have higher quality capsules, the Sennheiser EW-D with 945 capsules. Totaling: $5,000

  • Phase 2: Soundboard & Stageboxes

    Our current soundboard is two generations old. We have maxed out all 24 of its channels and have limited features with our existing mostly analog set up. We have occasional intermittent memory issues.

    This new fully digital soundboard with stage boxes will fix all those problems as well as add 40 additional channels for expansion and is a next level upgrade with all the digital features for better sound and broadcast adjustment. Totaling: $18,000

  • Phase 3: Broadcast equipment

    We want to create an engaging live broadcast to help our online audience feel as though they are with us. We intend to make an excellent service for those who are exploring BFA for the first time online to encourage them to come through the doors.

    Phase 3 will include two Canon CR-N500 4K PTZ broadcast cameras to create an assortment of camera angles with a minimum number of volunteers as well as a camera controller, and accessories for set up. Totaling: $12,800

  • Phase 4: sound control & Stereo

    To prevent distractions and promote fully engaged worship, we want to decrease the drum volume without taming the drummer as well as create a more full sound with a stereo PA system. In Addition, for a more excellent sound we can now use more instrument accessories and microphones that we could not utilize until we had a larger soundboard. Totaling: $10,000

  • Phase 5: Recording equipment

    As our worship teams continue to write worship music, we want to be able to record and produce those songs. That requires things like a powerful computer, recording software, plugins, studio monitors and more. Totaling: $5,200

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