Mission & Vision

1.  We are Biblical

We are biblically (scripturally) sound in both our belief (doctrine/teaching) and practice (ministry/function - what we do).  We are committed to teaching and preaching the whole Gospel.  We desire to be a people of the Word.  People who know the Word.  People who believe the Word.  People who live out & obey the Word.  People who share the Word.

2.  We are a Spirit-Filled Church

We encourage and desire to be baptized in the Holy Spirit.  Further, to continue to be filled & refilled with the Spirit (be being filled - Ephesians 5:18).  Where both the initial evidence (speaking in tongues) and enduring evidences (fruit of the Spirit & power for witness) are experienced and taught.

3.  We are Missional

We put a strong focus on local missions (evangelism) beginning in Nymore neighborhood and reaching all of the Bemidji area.  We likewise have a strong focus on world missions, being evident in all age groups (BGMC, STL & Missions).  We strive to be an outreach/evangelistic people in practice and priority.  We must also care for and remember the needy (those in poverty, the widows & orphans, the imprisoned).

4.  We are Relational

We're going to put a strong focus on being a healthy community of believers. Since discipleship happens through relationship, we're going to move into a small group focus.  The point of small groups is not merely fellowship (in social context - where it begins), but discipleship (where we gather to grow in Christ together). Our goal is that everyone gets connected in Christ-centered relationships and life groups.

5.  We are Family-Focused

If we are to make a difference in this community, in being Missional...we must be intentional in reaching and ministering to the whole family.